Where it began

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4th November 2021

Where it began

A little about Jacky & Susan your course creators

We are Jacky & Susan Mackay owner & creators of dress by gem colour,  the  renaissance of personal colour styling.

We were born in the social & cultural decade of the 60’s our paradigms were formed through a time of massive social change during the rise of flower power, music & a fashion revolution! So Mini cars & mini skirts have never been too far from our landscape.

Punk came and went, as did the beautifully gaerish 80’s and MY flirt with the concept of a New Romantic is hidden somewhere deep inside, lace & velvet demands an appearance periodically. Whilst Susan’s nod is to the Californian BOHO hippie scene albeit considerably updated it comes up as a  wave to the surface often.

In essence the sensory that was dance, music & fashion  blew our world of colour wide open. Seriously is there anywhere else we could find ourselves in, other,  than to trade in the currency of colour & encourage our clients to dress like they belong everywhere’

What led us to this point

We noticed from owning a Boutique there is a buzz when colours are worn authentically it is an emotional transaction. We totally believe there is a true connection through the transference of colour, quality & style.

We  have encouraged and witnessed dramatic immediate shifts in our clients self-image from wearing colours they would never have though of.

How many of our clothes in our collective wardrobes are begging to be worn but never get an outing? 10, 20, 60% ? No, it’s back to the 80’s. as high as 80% do not get worn. WoW.

We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. We trust that outfit but it’s time to embrace colour.

So we make no excuse for our mantra ‘let your colours speak before you do’

Why wearing the right colours is as essential as it is important

For us it means wearing from your Harmony Palette. Within the Harmony palette we divide into Neutral, Base & the approx. 30 FaB colours. Wearing them  allows for zero colour errors, & you’ll  actually spend less on clothes.

As casual & relaxed as we are as people, we are quite disciplined in our direction we expect our clients to loose the colours that don’t serve them, give off to friends, sell on platforms, offer to you preferred charity. It is wiser to have 3 amazing outfits than piles of clothes that do not enhance you.

It’s more organised way to live & gives back time too… imagine more time to think & create goals.

Remember, your clothes are part of your PR congruency announcing yourself to your immediate personal landscape.

Even @ home, what you  wear is who you are. Colour & clothes are your first non-verbal conversation with the world. You’re telling your story to yourself first & to others before you speak. Colours  effect your self image. You may have admired how others are so well put together & yet you open your own wardrobe & continually say: ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ we have the solution we have everyone’s back.

Colour is  the real estate of the mind not just the environment.

It’s a stimulus for mood, effects our psychology, it feeds us emotionally, allows us to conceptualize. Sheena come on have ever seen a purple banana?

The system ‘Colour before style’ – how accurate is it?


We studied the Overall Tonal Presence  OTP of all our Boutique clients to ensure we were curating the accurate collection. We then went on to develop a 4 gem system Aquamarine, Amber, Jet & Jade each with 3 variances so 12 in total. Our system is unique and is we believe The renaissance of Personal Colour Styling. Our belief runs deep & it is all trademarked. We are totally excited to take it to market. As We say ‘Stand out in colour everyone is watching’

The creativity process

We are told by our audience ‘but I’m not creative’ Our consistent answer to that is ‘well you managed to dress yourself today & we see you are wearing some colour, that in itself is a creative task!’

Naturally we are compelled take them towards our pathway & reveal through instinct, passion study & debate the world of dress by gem colour. We teach how to  ‘dress in colours to make your body smile’

A Give sneak preview of how you can put your own scheme together

OK the quickest Start with 3 words which describe your inner style, go deep and be totally honest.

Now pick 3 colours – your favourite colours that make you feel an inch taller. Maybe you get more compliments in these colours but they must be your feel good go-to colours.

The colours mixed with your inner style are becoming your signature look.

These FAB colours will have an automatic psychological impact & you will quickly develop how to dress like you belong everywhere.

The reality is what you wear affects your psyche because you might be dressing down according to how you feel & that communicates a confusing and cluttered message to your macro environment of family, friends networks & colleagues but most of all inhibiting yourself & your own goals & dream opportunities. So get your FaB colours on!

We go some way to ensure our clients colour landscape may never be diluted by the repetition of mistakes.

The associations of colour

All colours have vibrations & frequency  associated. Let’s look at a few of the meanings


Has a range of symbolic meanings including health, anger, love, vigour, courage, danger, passion, drama & seduction.


Gives out a sense of happiness, warmth, sunshine & an air of individuality, positivity & gets the wearer attention.


Is serene & cool, with a sense of power & confidence, a base colour to be taken serious. It can easily be made playful with gorgeous fab colour accents. High brow thinking.


Signifies growth, nature, tranquility, money & good luck. & has an automatic calming influence & relaxes the eyes.


Represents neutrality, balance, dignity, formality. It’s professional & classic. & when you find your grey is is by far the easiest base colour to add FaB colours to.


Is romantic, warm, feminine, gentle, intuitive. Playful, insightful & hopeful. The range of pinks is wide & believe us there is a pink for everyone.

Eliminate the feeling of being overlooked for an amazing job, business opportunity, relationship & social invitations by dressing in a way that does not communicate your true value.

So regardless if a person is feeling tired, overwhelmed, overlooked & generally not making the best of themselves it’s time to reclaim or create  for the first time your colour vibration.

We encourage a connection to your own personal style, dress IN your FaB colours that work & allow them to become the automatic powerful switch that will give you the profile you deserve. Afterall its all about ‘How to look good with your colour on’

So some trade secrets – a few pointers

Top tips

Fact Nude shoes elongate legs by 6 inches, there’s no colour break & they look elegant.

Black shoes can often cheapen a coloured dress,   invest in a metallic or the dress colour. Polished & perfect.

On that note wear long sleeve dresses with shoes, sandals with sleeveless dresses Its about balance.

Black is a killer colour, not everyone can wear black, heard it before?, its because its true.

It can make you look washed out, its ageing.  80% wear it 20% can!

Wear dropped earrings with Asymmetric necklines, stay away from necklaces that look out of balance.

First impressions does colour play its part?

Nothing tells your story as quickly as how you show up, what you choose to wear.

Why would you or your potential clients not wear their FaB colours everyday?

It takes as long to dress badly as it does to dress in sync as your true authentic self, your brand, your lifestyle. Surely we have an obligation  to dress in colour, feel & look like you belong everywhere.

Who is the training for? 

Anyone who wants to explore their desire to influence in colour.

We offer to train online with our bespoke  ‘Colour before Style’ a dynamic 7 module immersive course that will lead  to become a gem colour Stylist & how to create their own business.

Creating  – ‘Colour before Style’ online course has been the signature of our colourful careers. We  believe getting your colours absolutely FaB is in sync with your self image.

We can’t wait for clients  to develop the expert techniques & skills to become a dress by gem Stylist.

If you can hear your curiosity asking…

Our ultimate colour inspiration

Icons from the big screen…

Quickest answer our late Mother.

Stay connected & spend time in colourful company

Join us to learn the language of colour as the first style solution. Explore The Renaissance of Personal Colour Style as we introduce you to the principle of

‘dressing in colour, looking, feeling & turning heads every day without breaking the bank’

Clothe yourself in strength & dignity & dare to laugh without fear of the future – make 2022 your most colourful yet

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