The Renaissance of Personal Colour Styling

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30th September 2021

The Renaissance of Personal Colour Styling

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The Renaissance of Personal Colour Styling

dress by gem™  is a personal colour style solution for those who are curious as to or oblivious of how their natural physical attributes will be enhanced by the colour palette they wear.

dress by gem™ colour system is launching as a digital course designed with stylists in mind, to build their knowledge, confidence & ability to inspire and advise their own clients to find or enhance their colour scheme.

The system is presented in a 7 module online course containing everything a stylist needs to develop their own Personal Colour Stylist business.

This innovative approach to Personal Colour has been designed, developed and delivered with passion and flair by the highly experienced fashionista sisters Jacky & Susan Mackay. Their knowledge and experience has been developed over a number of years of owning their own boutique, where they have analysed and advised their loyal clients in individually tailored colour palettes and style.

The ringing endorsements from these clients prompted the duo  to analyse their successful personal colour analyses, leading to a unique system of personal colour analysis encapsulated as 4 gems.

These 4 gems are AquamarinE, AmbeR, JeT & JadE. Each gem can be further broken down into more nuanced tones.

This unique system has been successfully implemented at JaS’s Boutique and absolutely delighted clients, and it is this success which inspired them to create the course in order to share this success with aspiring Personal Colour Stylists.

‘Our clients enthusiasm for personal colour styling has been both inspirational and rewarding’ explained Susan Mackay co-creator of dress by gem™,

‘The system takes the Stylists on a journey of inspiration and helps them realise their potential. It’s a renaissance of colour’ she further enthused.




Further information contact:

Jacky & Susan Mackay



Tel:                 077587 67516

Course:           Colour before Style


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