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Train online & create your own dress by gem Colour  Business NOW!

Who We Are

We are Jacky & Susan former owners of an award winning  Ladies Boutique dress by JaS & Ben.

You are probably reading this because you already know you want, need & desire more…

Through instinct, study & debate we have created a unique Personal Colour Styling  concept – dress by gem colour. We feel we know you just a little already & we  are excited to share our expertise & The Renaissance of colour styling with you.

Colour & clothes are the first non-verbal conversation that connects us to the world. We are all  telling our story to others before we speak. Establish your authentic vibe & develop your career in Personal Colour Styling as a                   

We have consolidated & combined  our strong visual sense with the ability to translate colour & style concepts into a comprehensive    ‘Colour before Style’ course. It consists of  a 7 module  online video study with additional business masterclasses delivered by experts in their field.  The colour style  course guides & supports you to create an independent Personal Colour Styling business opportunity –

 Your time in colour is now!

Why train with us?

We have  a deep rooted  desire  to train  ladies to introduce  colour & style into their lives.  We have gained expansive knowledge over the years @ our Boutique & understand the instant impact & influence colour commands. We regard ‘dress by gem colour’ as being the signature of our colourful careers. Our aspirations  run high – How to dress like you belong everywhere!

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  • Developed by Colour Fashionistas –  Jacky & Susan
  • We have styled 100’s of ladies in  colour  in our own Boutique
  • Hosted dress by Appointment personal shopping events
  • Curated seasonal colour wardrobes for clients
  • Attended fashion shows & selected sell out seasonal collections
  • 2020 Award winning company


Our approach is exact yet relaxed

Your online training  is designed for you to train @ your pace &  fall into your  lifestyle!

If you are looking to start your own business as a Personal Colour Stylist it is time to realise Your  potential & to create your future history & learn the language of a colour styling & train to impact others.

  • You want to expand your own social network
  • No pressure to achieve targets – it’s your business!
  • No ongoing license fees
  • 90 draping scarves & 12 bespoke, branded colour swatch wallets
  • You will empower & develop more confidence within  yourself knowing you have self belief, self esteem & self worth to guide your clients
  • If you feel you have colour intuitive untapped skills
  • You enjoy to study @ your own pace with no pressure
  • Comprehensive modules  to  run your own branded colour styling  business

The Modules

  • The theory of colour
  • Personal overall tonal presence (OTP) analysis
  • 4 gem types & their three variations
  • Detailed appointment structure
  • Plus high value bonuses include Sales & Mindset, Creative Canva Design & how to maximise Networking opportunities

You will be able to guide your own clients to develop

  • A younger, fresher more uplifting  version of  their self
  • An opportunity to challenge your clients to  buy less & spend less on clothes
  • Turn up every day looking like a new polished version of  themselves
  • A structured wardrobe with more space
  • Increased  visibility at social  & work events
  • Increased peer admiration
  • Learning the art of their HarmonY colours allow your clients to think less about clothes to focus on their day

Your ideal clients could include…

Your time is precious – Train in colourful company!

Contact us for further information @ email: or book a discovery call on 077587 67516 or  Train NOW!

We invite you to learn the language of colour as the first style solution!

Food for thought…